What are the most popular antique items

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A lot of people love collecting. It’s no secret that this hobby can be a great way to make money. Some rare things can pay off in millions of dollars, which can be used to buy a car or apartment. What are the most popular antique items?

Distinctive features of antiquities

There are several characteristics that form the price of antiques:

  • its age (objects that are at least 15 years old);
  • limit of production batch;
  • its value from an aesthetic point of view (figurines, vases, clocks);
  • the material (gold, silver, ivory, precious stone);
  • the integrity of its state.

An item will not be rated highly by an antique dealer if it is damaged or scratched. However, this rule does not apply to rarities. However, antiques and rarities are not the same things.


Antiques: what is valued

Several types of things are considered the most valuable antiques.

  1. Silver dishes. Every 3-5 years, its value increases by 10%.
  2. Unique musical instruments. They can be used as a bank deposit and receive up to 5% per annum.
  3. Porcelain products. The most valuable are items from the 19th century and older. For a lower price, porcelain from mass consignments or from little-known factories is purchased.
  4. Ancient coins. Their cost is stable and high. Precious metal coins are a reliable, permanent investment path. The value of these coins never decreases.
  5. Icons. The most expensive are the products of the 18th century. They must be in perfect condition. But the really valuable treasure is icons with the decoration of precious stones and metals.
  6. Tea urns. It is quite difficult to preserve their integrity, so the price for them increases every year.
  7. Medals and badges of the times of the USSR. The price is rising slowly, as not much time has passed since this historical life. These items not exclusive, and at least one copy is found in almost every house.
  8. Furniture. People are very fond of buying vintage armchairs, wardrobes, chairs as antique objects. The most important thing is to keep these things in their proper condition.

Those collectors who literally have a love for antiques in their veins know that the best things are simple and reliable items. People can save them for future generations and thus raise their price. If you want to make money on your collection in the future, then avoid starting collecting clothes or domestic appliances. Such products quickly break down and become unusable.