The most expensive antique items and their cost

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Many people strive to get rid of old things because they consider them useless junk. In fact, you can find quite a few rare high-value items if you go through your grandmother’s pantry room. What are the most expensive antiques on Earth?

Features of antique items

If you want to find really valuable antiques, there are several factors that you must pay attention to.

  1. Year of production. The older the product, the more expensive it is.
  2. Safety. The appliances must be in good condition, with no signs of damage. The same applies to other products. The newer they look, the better.
  3. Edition. The most expensive antiques are in limited production quantities.
  4. Complete set. A complete set of items of one type costs more. Factory packaging is very important in this issue.

The most expensive antique items in the world

There is a list of the six most expensive items on Earth.

  1. The Qing Dynasty vase. It was sold for nearly 83 million dollars in London. When examining the find, the experts found that this 40-centimeter porcelain vase was made in the 18th century. It is distinguishable from other similar products by the complexity of the drawing.
  2. The Saber of Napoleon Bonaparte. The gold-encrusted saber was sold at auction in France for 6.5 million dollars. The main condition of the sale was as follows. The owner must reside in the territory of that country, as the property is considered a national treasure.
  3. Germain’s silver tureen. It was made by a silver specialist especially for Louis 15 in the 18th century. The amount that the collector gave for the soup bowl is over 10 million dollars.
  4. The Leicester’s Codex by Leonardo da Vinci. This is the most expensive manuscript in the world. The 72-page notebook is estimated at more than 30 million dollars. Surprisingly, the owner of this item is Bill Gates.
  5. The Scream by Edvard Munch. The famous popular painting was sold in 2012 at a record high price of almost 120 million dollars.
  6. The Wandering pearl. Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry is considered the most expensive pearl necklace in the world. It costs over 12 million dollars.

As for antique items in Russia, in our country, the most expensive rare items are money, coins, books, toys, as well as sound players of Soviet times. If you didn’t know this, then remember not to throw these things like garbage. It is quite possible that in ten years they will make you a millionaire.