The Ricardo.ch site was established in 1998 and has since been regularly ranked among the top 10 most visited sites in Switzerland. It was founded by Naspers based on one of its branches in Tsuge. On this site, visitors can sell goods or buy other products. The site became incredibly effective, and its popularity in the country far exceeded the popularity of leading international trading platforms (such as Amazon and eBay). Ricardo’s share of the huge volume of electronic commerce in Switzerland is about 10%. As a result, the site is a very important player in the online sales market.

The security policy, which very reliably protects users from unscrupulous partners in the transaction process, is one of Ricardo’s main achievements. This ensures that buyers are very safe from frauds who can sell counterfeit goods. Everybody knows that Switzerland has very high-quality products, and therefore forgeries hurt the reputation of both manufacturers and electronic platforms. That’s why the Swiss pay so much attention to the anti-counterfeiting process. One such product is the famous Swiss watch, which has always been a matter of prestige, and yet it is very often counterfeited by fraudsters.

It is the focus on the issue of security that is the distinguishing feature of this site, which is built according to the eBay scheme.