Mirziyoyev’s open dialog with entrepreneurs – what awaits business in Uzbekistan

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Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev held an open and engaging dialogue with the thriving community of entrepreneurs in Uzbekistan. This momentous occasion marked the first of its kind on August 20, 2021.

Recognizing the significance and success of this gathering, the President designated this day as Entrepreneurs’ Day in the country, a tradition that has since been observed.

Key findings

At the commencement of the meeting, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev warmly congratulated the esteemed businessmen, conveying his utmost respect and well wishes.

Acknowledging the vital role entrepreneurs play in the progress of every nation, the President emphasized their invaluable contributions to the development of Uzbekistan’s economy, job creation, poverty lowering, and the improvement of local communities, known as mahallas. Each entrepreneur was hailed as a hero, instilling a sense of pride and admiration in the nation’s leader.

The President highlighted the dynamic growth of the business sector, attributing it to the favorable conditions created by the government. Notable achievements were shared, including a significant increase in small, medium, and large-scale entrepreneurs, with an impressive rise of 40 thousand, 2 thousand, and 400, respectively.

Additionally, the benefits provided resulted in 155 enterprises surpassing an annual turnover of 100 million dollars. The remarkable milestone of reaching 10 billion dollars in annual foreign investments was also celebrated, showcasing the country’s attractiveness to global business ventures.


In recognition of their exceptional contributions to the country’s economic power and the population’s well-being, 44 deserving individuals were awarded state honors by the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on August 18. The event served as a prestigious platform to bestow these well-deserved orders and medals upon the recipients, adding an air of grandeur and recognition.

Furthermore, in alignment with the President’s order on August 17, 126 active entrepreneurs were honored with the esteemed badge of “Faol Tadbirkor.” This commendation signifies the dedication and commitment displayed by these individuals in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The extraordinary achievements and recognition bestowed upon the entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan are a testament to their unwavering resilience, innovation, and unwavering spirit. Their continuous efforts strive towards the nation’s prosperity and the betterment of the lives of its people.

In conclusion, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s open dialogue with entrepreneurs in Uzbekistan signifies a new dawn for businesses in the country. An unprecedented level of respect and recognition has been given to these individuals, affirming their vital role in nation-building.

The rapid growth of the business sector, coupled with the government’s active support, promises a bright future for entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan. As the nation continues to honor and invest in its entrepreneurs, it strives to create an environment fostering innovation, resilience, and prosperity. This, in turn, contributes to its people’s overall socio-economic development and well-being.