How vintage differs from antiques

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Many people use the terms vintage and antique interchangeably, although they have different meanings. Nevertheless, each of them implies different products from the distant past.

What is the difference between antiques and vintage

The word antique denotes antique items with cultural or historical value. The term comes from the Latin word antiquus. In Russia, as in the rest of the world, this term began to be used only in the 18th century. This happened during the formation of the world market for cultural and historical heritage. The age of an item is a decisive factor in determining its rarity. However, in many countries this factor is regulated in different ways.

In Russia, there is an On the Import and Export of Cultural Property Low. According to this text, a thing is considered antique if its age exceeds 50 years. In addition to this parameter, the prevalence and exclusivity of the item are taken into account. The fact is that the older the thing, the fewer copies “survive” to this day. The value of the material is another important feature of antiques.

With regard to vintage, this word comes from France and it means “aged”. Vintage items are considered to be the age of which does not exceed 15-50 years. Vintage items should be in line with the trends of their time. If they are relevant to the modern generation, this is ideal.

You can find vintage clothing and accessories at thrift shops. You must first separate the most spectacular items from the crowd, and then put them up for sale in your vintage shop. So, one of the popular vintage items in the modern world is vinyl players. Many party sponsors buy them if they want to create the atmosphere of the 1980s. Melomaniacs love these things, too.