Hood.de is an Internet platform from Germany that was created in 2000. It is the second-most popular online trading platform (the eBay Internet giant ranks first place). This site has fewer visitors than eBay and fewer goods sold but it also has an advantage. The advantage is that Hood.de gives the opportunity to participate in auction sales to its sellers and buyers. In doing so, they may not fear any commissions or fees.

Hood.de earns its income from advertisers who appreciate the very large number of visitors to this site. Hood.de has over a million users and about 120,000 vendors. More than one and a half million auctions are held on this site every day.

All Hood visitors can use their usual options, which are provided by any modern Internet auction. We mean trading on a classical or Dutch scheme, as well as instant buying and creating an online store. Every owner of an Internet shop on this site is obliged to pay a monthly fee of 9.95 euros. The name hood.de is part of the shop’s domain name for such clients.

All users of the site have the possibility to use the rating system, which is not hidden from any visitors of the site. It is these ratings that are the condition for this high quality of service on the part of sellers and for the high level of responsibility on the part of buyers.

Visitors can sell their products, which are already traded on eBay if they wish. Products can also be imported using the TurboLister program.
Registration on the site is a free and very simple procedure.