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Hood.de is an Internet platform from Germany that was created in 2000. It is the second-most popular online trading platform (the eBay Internet giant ranks first place). This site has fewer visitors than eBay and fewer goods sold but it also has an advantage. The advantage is that Hood.de gives the opportunity to participate in…

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AY.BY is an online sales platform from Belarus. It is the leading organization among such resources in the territory of Belarus. The trade here is conducted by the auction method. On AY.BY experts sell items of completely different purposes and a rather wide range of categories. These include antiques, sculptures, vases, painted enamel, glass, bronze,…

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Dorotheum Castle is located in Vienna and is famous for its auctions, which have been held there since 1707. These auctions have been mentioned in official documents since that year. The auction house Dorotheum organizes the auction in other cities of Austria and even abroad, for example in Prague. More than six hundred such auctions…

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Hampel is a trading platform for luxury goods. The main areas of trading are modern and classical painting; unique jewelry, including diamonds; antique art, including bronze; expensive porcelain; and ancient art in Asia, India, China, and the Middle East. Today, Hampel has a category of Russian art, which is only in the stage of development….

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The auction house was created on 5 December 1766 in London by antiquarian James Christie. Today, the main office of the auction house is located near St James’s Palace on King Street, where it was moved in 1823. An additional office was opened in South Kensington in 1975. In today’s environment, Christie’s is a very…

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We can say with confidence that this is the most famous auction house, established on 11 March 1744, at a time when there were only three such organizations in the world. Samuel Baker is the founding father of this auction house. He was originally from London, and the house itself was named after Samuel’s nephew…

What is the word for old things
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From a material point of view, antiques are very valuable. However, this statement applies not only to those things that were made from precious materials. This is why we need to figure out what word to use for antiques. The first thing we need to know is their age and exclusivity factor. What are the…

What is the difference between antiques and rarities
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Rarity and antiques are very similar terms in their meaning. However, they are very different from each other, and this issue is vital for antique professionals. So, what are antiques and rarities, and what is the difference between these terms? The difference between rarity and antiques The word antique denotes antique items with cultural or historical…

How vintage differs from antiques
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Many people use the terms vintage and antique interchangeably, although they have different meanings. Nevertheless, each of them implies different products from the distant past. What is the difference between antiques and vintage The word antique denotes antique items with cultural or historical value. The term comes from the Latin word antiquus. In Russia, as in…

Myths about the Singer Sewing Machine
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Modern sewing machines owe their prototype to Isaac Singer, who at the age of 39 moved to live in New York. There he met an inventor named Orson Phelps, who showed Isaac his version of the typewriter. But Singer significantly improved it by inventing the mechanism of the needle movement “up-down”, which is still used…