Mikhail Fridman: an exceptional biography of a successful investor

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Mikhail Fridman is a famous businessman and one of Russia’s wealthiest and most influential people. He was born in Lviv on April 21, 1964. Today, this entrepreneur is the founder and director of an international investment group called Alfa Group, which manages the vast assets of Russia and other states.

Education and career start

After high-school graduation, Mikhail Fridman entered the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, where he graduated successfully in 1986. After that, he worked at a research institute and developed and produced laser devices. In 1989, Fridman and several friends from his alma mater formed the investment company Alfa Capital, which became the basis for the Alfa Group’s subsequent appearance.

From the early years of his work in the new business project, Fridman and his partners began to actively invest in different fields of the economy, such as telecommunications, oil and gas, banking, and retail.


Today, Alfa Group manages the most significant assets in Russia and abroad, including Alfa Bank, Alfa Insurance, and MegaFon. Thanks to his business projects, Fridman has become one of Russia’s wealthiest and most influential.

One of the critical investment solutions was the purchase of shares of the oil and gas company TNK-BP, and this transaction became one of the largest and most booming in the history of Russian business.

As a result, Fridman and its partners acquired a majority stake in the company and became one of the most influential figures in Russia’s oil and gas industry.

However, Fridman also invested heavily in other projects, such as creating a hypermarket network called «Ashan» in Russia. In addition, this entrepreneur is the founder and head of the board of the «Dynasty» foundation, which supports education, science, and culture in Russia.

Mikhail Fridman


Although Mikhail Fridman is engaged in his business, he is also involved in charity work. Fridman co-founded the Heritage Foundation, which helps preserve Russia’s cultural heritage. In addition, he supports projects in the field of medicine and science, as well as assists people in need. Fridman is one of the few Russian businessmen who recognize the importance of charity and make contributions to that.

Personal life

Mikhail Fridman is a descendant of Moses Benevolenski, who was the first chairman of the Israeli government. In addition, in 2019, he bought the former Platonovs family home on Levashov Street in Saint Petersburg. So he gave it a long-term lease to the «Kirovskoe» museum.

As for the personal life of Mikhail Fridman, we know that he is divorced and raises four children. He is fond of sports. In particular, he loves canoeing. He also promotes this sport and indicates that it helps Fridman maintain an acceptable physical form.


Mikhail Fridman is an example of a man who has made great strides using his intelligence and other talents. At the same time, this businessman leads an active public life and is engaged in charity. As for those who are interested in this person, they should read Mikhail Fridman full bio.