It is the largest and most famous Internet trading resource. The eBay concept is to provide a convenient place for sellers and buyers to engage in transactions that may differ in categories. This site is not an intermediary in the process of payment and dispatch of goods. The profit of eBay owners is the amount of contributions made by sellers, which depend on the price of the sale of a product. Buyers do not pay site owners any fees for using the site.

This site is still under development. Its main purpose is to attract a large number of users. This process has not been disrupted since the establishment of the organization. The introduction and support of free and convenient terms and conditions for concluded transactions is the main method of increasing the sales volumes used by this company. Users of the site may place on the market any goods or services that are not prohibited by the laws of the countries where the sale takes place.

Users can sell products in the course of a transaction or through an auction. On eBay auctions are classic and such that the amount of time required to reach a certain price point is spent.

The organization regularly conducts promotions that help to stimulate sales and attract customers, and also develops long-term programs. Among them is a loyalty system called eBay bucks, which allows buyers to take 1% of the transaction value. This way buyers can save virtual dollars and use them to pay for goods in future purchases.