Antik-France is a French resource. Its assortment includes antique and vintage goods from those sellers who sell such items. The site guarantees its users that there is no risk of counterfeiting and low-quality goods. All sold items have a certified description that tells the story of the item, points out its merits and demerits, external damage, and also describes the process of pre-sale preparation, cleaning, and restoration of the product. It is also worth mentioning that all the pictures of the goods that are published on the site attest to the defects and deformations of the goods. If the buyer does not have enough photographs already published, he can ask the seller for additional proof of product quality.

The items that are sold on this site are intended for the fans of antiquities and collectors because these items are very rare or simply unique.
Each product is packed in a special way which prevents damage to the product during transport. Antik-France’s website pays great attention to the issue of object keeping.