Rod Pocock, longtime Fairbanksan, contributed this lovely mental image of the real Alaska:

On a road near Fairbanks sit two small buildings. One is a fundamentalist Christian church, attended by worthy, sternly conservative adherents. Next door is a small, beautifully constructed log cabin. Sitting in the front yard were two Sourdoughs; flannel shirts, jeans, suspenders, happily drinking beer and chatting.

All sides were content. Rod was only sorry he didn't have a panoramic camera with him.

Fairbanksan Pat Cole sent further news of the real Fairbanks.

The Fairbanks "News Miner" reported on April 23,2005, two items on the police news. One was a woman who went to get a beer from her freezer about 9:00a.m. and found her muktuk, whale meat, and fish were gone.

A Wells Fargo employee discovered a stash of marijuana in a shop's deposit bag. When contacted, a shop employee said a friend had dropped off a bag of marijuana during the afternoon and she had placed it in the deposit bag, then forgotten about it. The marijuana will be destroyed. No charges are pending.