Bigjim, Fred, PLANTS: A Novel. Morris Publishing, Kearney, Nebraska. softbound $12.95.

Fred Bigjim is a poet. That is clear in many of his descriptions, such as a man having an out-of-body experience. He heard the sound of trumpeting swans, then felt himself soaring above the crowd. He could see through the bodies of those beneath him; he felt set apart from them, but one with swans which seemed to fly with him.

This on the Lakota Reservation: The clouds danced above the tops of the jagged, bare outcroppings of rock jutting up from the flat brown and green plains....The sun cast dark shadows in the deep crevices of the tortured landscape toward the horizon.

This time around, Bigjim has written an involved novel concerning Aliens, Native shamans, destruction of the ionosphere, and the adventures a reporter has in finding allies and fighting the baddies. The idea is nice, but David Seabird, the reporter, never seems to contact his editor or even Holly, his love whom he left with his beloved pets.

However, the author does know his Inupiat art and his descriptions of Native Americans of disparate backgrounds getting to know one another are highly entertaining.

Bigjim has a way with words and this book is not expensive; you might want to check it out. Available from bookstores or from the author; $15.95 to 31500 lst. Ave. South #2-305, Federal Way, WA 98003.