Kleinfeld, Judith, Ed. D. Go For It! Finding Your Own Frontier. Epicenter Press. 192 pages. Cloth $22.95 Softbound $14.95.

Judith Kleinfeld is well known in Alaska as an academic at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, where she chairs the Northern Studies Graduate Program. Her biting critiques of Native education in the state and her work on Fetal Alchohol Syndrome students have brought local and national attention.

So the innocent reader prepares to settle in with a bit of a memoir; perhaps her great moments in confronting educators who defended the status quo. Not at all; this is a motivational book full of success stories of those who came to Alaska and found themselves new and productive lives. She points out that success comes much easier to professionals in a lightly populated state, what might be condensed as ga big frog in a small pondhexample.

The old Alaska saying that everyone who comes here is gfleeing from or coming tohproves true. Those making a new start from a failed marriage or business or coming to fulfill a dream of a new and adventuresome life can prosper.Kleinfeld gives numerous examples of both fleers and dreamers.

From Alaska as the frontier she extrapolates a frontier as defined by any area where you might discover and develop your personal talents.Of course, since this is a book about daring to make your dreams come true, there is only one chapter about those who find Alaska too harsh and their dreams overblown.Fair enough; this book is meant to inspire, not point out the pitfalls. Check with your inner self and see what it says.

D. L.